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Swap your shop for local in Lane & Vale

Lane & Vale is a community campaign for a small neighbourhood with big ideas.

Monthly Farmer's Market at The Railway on Greyhound Lane

Greyhound Lane and Streatham Vale have been feeling very unloved of late. With the closure of Streatham Bridge, footfall has dropped, drivers are avoiding the area and even the buses are diverted. In short, the fall in passing trade has led to a drop of around 70% in sales for some local businesses.

But these are not just faceless, nameless entities and statistics – these are fantastic shops, restaurants and services right on our doorstep, run by committed members of our community, for our community. And for them to survive and flourish like they deserve to, they need our help. That’s why we’ve launched Lane & Vale, a campaign to support local businesses and the community. Funded by the Streatham Bridge Business Association, the campaign is part of a long-term plan to regenerate the area. And we want you to support it by making a choice to shop local.

You may not feel you can buy your whole weekly shop from the local grocers and that’s ok. But in the spirit of supporting and preserving your neighbourhood, think about what you can buy from the local deli or convenience store instead of waiting for your trip to the supermarket: perhaps a newspaper, fruit and veg, or a loaf of bread?

The Pepper Tree cafe and Aroma Takeaway

Can’t face cooking tonight? Consider ordering from one of many local takeaways such as Gourmet China Cook or Sizzling Plaice in the Vale, or try Lucky Dragon, Aroma or The Pepper Tree Caribbean cafe around Greyhound Lane. And if you want an evening out, the local restaurants and pubs are well worth visiting.

Buying a gift for a friend at work? Why not leave home a couple of minutes early in the morning and, instead of running to a flower stall in central London during your commute, pop round the corner to Doris Florist and Sarah Ashley Flowers. You’ll be helping their business, getting to know another member of your community and probably saving a few pounds too.

SPS Estate & Letting Agent on Greyhound Lane

The shops and services in Lane and Vale have a strong focus on the home, and have done so for many years. From Bees Electrical Supplies and the independent Estate Agent SPS on Greyhound Lane, to the DIY stores on Streatham Vale, these businesses want to continue helping you look after your home and family.

Those of us partial to a tipple or two will know how easy it is to pop a couple of bottles of wine into our shopping trolley at the supermarket. But now that prices have gone up you can’t always get such a good deal, besides wouldn’t you rather give your hard-earned cash to your fabulous local wine shop, Wine Leaf? Not only are you supporting a local business but you’ll also get the added value of personal service and recommendations for your taste and budget. What’s not to love about that?

Gow Gow dog grooming parlour

Lane & Vale is awash with great services too – Gorney shoe repairs and locksmiths by Streatham Common Station is friendly, local, highly skilled and great value too. Or if you are one of the many pet-loving families in the neighbourhood, take your pooch for a pamper at Gow Gow, the doggie grooming parlour which, along with Fur and Feathers Pet Supplies and the Vale Veterinary Clinic make Streatham Vale very pet-friendly indeed. How about stocking up on pet food or buying gifts for other pet-lovers locally? It will help ensure these brilliant shops and services will always be there when you need them.

Wine Leaf in Streatham Vale

With Mother’s Day less than two weeks away you’ll have the perfect opportunity to buy celebratory ‘eats and treats’ for your Mum from Lane & Vale. The local businesses have arranged some great offers with local shops and restaurants to help you really make a fuss of her, no matter what your budget – full details can be found here.

Sometimes we just need a little reminder of what’s on our doorstep. What can you swap in your shop?

Lane & Vale, Love Local